Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How it started

Never Never land (Mikä Mikä Maa) is a playfull visual project I started to create during the last year. 

I decided to draw myself a bubble, a space to get away from daily pressure and reality.
The reason was to deal with some daily conflicts by creating a safe surreal world, a world where I could look at situations from an other angle.

 I realised it was important to create this safe- place in order to maintain a way of clear thinking. Also to keep my strenght, and find it back again after I got confused. 
So eventualy, what is better then sharing this process in order to wish it might also inspire someone else.

The project in general

The project is formed by a traveling exhibition, 
each large drawing functioning as a room to discover own original stories . 

The first drawings came to live in 2014 and there is an installation involved, 
meant to inspire the workshop related.

The main idea of the project is to create a place which is unplugged, 
and to stimulate to unplug yourself and others.
A place to, for a little while, "forget about the world around us as we think we know it",  and to get back in contact with our personal processes in live and nature.  Almost like meditation-rooms or perhaps a little city trip. Going away from daily situations always brings perspective.

Because of estranged yet formiliar situations, I hope young and old can relate to this.
One is alowed to step outside of what we call reality, and alowed to meet up in surreal worlds.
This is a lot like many computergames nowadays do, besides this asking more effort from your own imagination, parlty through observing my drawings, partly through physicaly creating a world your self (workshops).

Through this process you get a chance to recognise some physical and mental processes you might not even notice in daily live. We adults get to get connected to the playfullnes we miss through our list of obligations. For children this is a well known process.

In the end of 2015- beginning 2016 this project will travel to several schools/daycares and elderelyhouses, accompanied by a workshop.

The project got funding from Taiteen Edistämiskeskus, department Varsinais Suomi