A warm welkom to the exhibition "Mikä Mikä Maa" (Never Never Land): guests of honour are little artists from Hajala and Oinasjärvi primari school and Laitila upperschool ! Full of fantasy and powerbubbles.


Never Never Land exhibition together with Laitila super cool artproject "Valiable Life"
After the exhibition I recieved a pile of card- sketches of Laitilas upperschool students, guided by artist-teacher Jari Nordman. The drawings where inspired by the exhibition. They investigated use of colour/details/storybuilding/...I was so taken by this pile of card-sketches heart emoticon . So here are some of the works of these talented kids…A special thanks to Hanna Mäkinen who invited me with in this project/artweek.


The last exhibtion of this year is in the cosy Rauhankalio elderlyhouse, consisting my own works and partly works from Oinasjärvi school.
The people there became quite dear to me, as I have been visiting there through an other project this autumn. They helped me picking just the right pictures, and also worked as eager critics.
As a workshop we talked about different kinds of arts, looked at books etc. 


and the beat goes on. The lovely inspiring drawings of the 1-6 graders of Hajalan School are displayed at the Kukonkalio Care centre in Salo. Welcome to dive in to a powerfull childernsworld: 
45 powerbubbles <3


This week I spend in Oinasjärvi school , a local school with about 50 students. Also Oinasjärven prescoolers took part in this week.
Especialy this week, children have surprised me with their insights, how they see things, how they could tell about my works, what intrested them about the pictures, and after, how creatively they created their own original power-bubbles. 
These works will be presented as an installation, in april 2016, in the beautifull library of Somero.



 I have spent a lovely week, keeping building the exhibition/+tour and workshops in Hajalan school.
We have been diving into Never Never land, and trying to each find our own visual language and a power- character to go with it, and colours to express this. 
We painted bubbles full of idea s and details. 

The school itself had already been writing story s linked to the drawings/exhibition I set up before  and after this, they will continue writing stories to their own "bubbles. Nothing empowers as much as spending a few days surrounded by young creative minds. 

Thank you lovely, inspiring Hajala school!


The project started with a small promotional exhibition In Design Hill cafe in Halikko (Salo).

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